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Bare Wafers
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Solar Materials

Solar Silicon Products and Services

  • Virgin Polysilicon – Advantiv Technologies supplies solar and IC Grade Virgin Polysilicon, manufactured by major manufacturers.    Buy with confidence from Advantiv.

  • Ingots, Tops, Tails and Pot Scrap – A wide variety of silicon materials available for solar wafer manufacture.

  • Reclaim and Recycle of Scrap Silicon: – We buy and process scrap wafers.
    Advantiv's Scrap Wafer Process Flow
    – Inspection
    – Sort
    – Intellectual Property Control and Removal
    – Resistivity Test
    – Dopant Type Check (P vs. N)
    – Film Removal
    – Reclaim and Recycle
    – Deployment to Solar and other industries
  • Solar Wafers – Solar silicon wafers for solar cell development, test and manufacturing.
    – Monocrystalline and Multicrystalline silicon
    – 125mm and 156mm pseudosquare substrate
  • Film Processing – Specialty films for Solar Cell process development.

  • Consulting Services to Improve Solar Cell Performance – Leverage Advantiv's analytical equipment and engineering expertise to improve efficiency and yield of your solar cells.

Virgin Polysilicon
Virgin Polysilicon    

Recycleable Silicon
Scrap Silicon Coinrolled 300mm Scrap Wafers

Solar Ingots
solar ingots    

Wafers and Cells
Virgin Polysilicon 125mm Moncrystalline Silicon Wafers

We Buy Scrap Wafers!

Solar Grade Silicon
Scrap silicon from semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication can sometimes be reused for solar photovoltaic device manufacturing.  Historically, a large percentage of the silicon used as starting material for solar devices originated from semiconductor waste.

With our powerful, global infrastructure, Advantiv maintains extensive relationships with producers and consumers of scrap silicon, worldwide!  Our capabilities include reclaiming and recycling of used silicon, including bare, coated and patterned silicon wafers.

Unlike solar device manufacturers who buy only P-Type silicon with resistivity > 1Ω-cm, Advantiv can buy all material, including N-Type and resistivity < 1Ω-cm.  N-type and low resistivity materials are directed to our partners who utilize N-type and low resistivity substrates.

If you would like to buy or sell scrap silicon, please contact us.

We provide Silicon Materials for Solar Device Manufacturing

Solar Silicon Materials
Available in wafers, ingots, and many other forms, solar grade silicon can be supplied for your specific application. Solar wafers are available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline forms.

Materials can be purchased in large quantities and small ones. If you are seeking a reliable supply of silicon for your solar photovoltaic device application, please contact us.

Contact us for more information on our solar products offering

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