Industry 4.0

Advantiv offers deep industry domain expertise and technology integration for Industry 4.0 modules as well as full-stack solutions for digitally upgrading fabs, facilities and OEM equipment. Selected solution sets (offered in partnership with core technology providers) are highlighted below.

Selected Solutions


OEE-centric Solutions for Digitally Upgrading Facilities & Capital Equipment

  • Out-of-the-Box Machine Support – Existing library of capital equipment integrations. Efficient use of building blocks for first-time equipment.
  • Unified Man-Machine Interfaces – Diversity of indicator types and methods with the same meaning mapped to a single indicator type.
  • Hierarchical Dashboards – Visualize status and KPIs at any level in the corporation.
  • KPIs & Traceability – OEE, availability, performance, quality, MTBF and MTBA with traceability down to any event.
  • Predictive Maintenance & Machine Learning – Increased equipment productivity through just-in-time maintenance scheduling.


Real-time Asset Tracking & Condition Monitoring

  • Industrial grade system by TDK
  • Position accuracy up to 0.2m
  • Asset tag battery life: 10+ years
  • BLE 5.0 protocol compliant and BLE MESH network. Roadmap to Sub-GHz, LoRa, BLE 5.1.
  • AES encrypted communication

Brief Case Studies

  • Multiple commercial semiconductor fabs: Advantiv enhances operator productivity and ease-of-use with a drop-in-replacement auto-ID device at roughly half the cost of incumbent product.
  • A Top-5 semiconductor OEM: Advantiv is working with multiple divisions on integrating multi-input, smart sensors which provide critical analytics and a unique dataset for optimizing equipment performance.
  • Helping a semiconductor OEM meet requirements of a Top-3 chip fab: Advantiv provides an edge-intelligent sensor which enables easy compliance with requirements from a Top-3 chip fab for auto-monitoring and shut-down functionality.