Advantiv explores and engages in clean energy partnerships and new business opportunities, primarily in support of its Japan-based parent company Advantec Co.,Ltd. , and Advantec's subsidiary Cool Earth Co.,Ltd. . Below is a partial list of the Advantec Group's activities related to clean energy...

  • Product/system development:
    • In developmental testing phase (as of November 2019) of a new "clean energy + storage + management system", in collaboration with Japan's Ministry of the Environment.
      • The clean energy and management system portions are for the most part in-house designs.
      • For the storage component, they are initally working with various partners on the Li-ion and NAS batteries, with ongoing interest in the latest storage solutions.
      • New technologies for power generation, microgrid management, VPPs (virtual power plants) etc. are also of interest.
  • Clean energy projects in Japan, completed or underway as of November 2019:
    • 63 solar plants totaling ~200MW - in operation.
    • 1 biomass plant - commissioning is pending utility approvals etc.
    • 1 sustainable community(~100 homes, 1 hotel, shops & restaurants) which combines a variety of clean energy technologies - under construction.
  • Financial Entities related to clean energy:
    • Clean energy infrastructure investment fund established in September 2018, under a separate entity "Tokyo Infrastructure Asset Management" -
    • Clean energy investment corporation, under a separate entity "Tokyo Infrastructure Energy Investment Corporation" -
    • Trust Company focused on renewable energy power generation and properties, under a separate entity "J-Value Trust Co." -

and more...

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